Library-Technology Classes
Students in PreKindergarten Classes to 5th Grade will have Library-Technology (LT) class once a week for 50 minutes (K-5th grade) or 30 minutes (PreK).  Students will meet in either the Library, Lab 108, and/or Lab 229.  

Library Materials 

Library Book Cart.png

Students will be given the opportunity to borrow and check out books and magazines / periodicals every other week during library - technology classes.  Adjustments may be made to the check out schedule due to holidays, vacation weeks, and other events and happenings.  

Students may visit the library at other times after approval from their classroom teachers.  

Children should take care of the book(s) that they borrow and return them promptly so that other students may have the opportunity to enjoy the materials.  

Students will be allowed to have a certain number of books checked out depending on their grade level:
  • PreK, Kindergarteners, 1st Graders - 1 book
  • 2nd Graders to 5th Graders - 2 books

Books generally circulate for 2 weeks and is due back to the library on the date stamped on the Due Date slip found in the book.  

No late fines are assessed, though books not returned after a reasonable time period may be considered "lost" and a lost book fine assessed.    

Information and Technology


During class, students will learn about digital citizenship and how to work responsibly with grade level appropriate technology hardware, software programs, and applications.  Students will learn how access and use information ethically from print and Internet based resources. 

Hardware can include desktops, printers, microphones, cameras, and tablets. Software programs and applications cover a range of platforms from Windows based programs such as Microsoft Office programs to Apple applications and Google for Education applications.  Students will apply these tools and techniques to curriculum projects.