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Students in 1st Grade to 5th Grade have Library-Technology (LT) class once a week for 50 minutes while students in Preschool and Kindergarten have 25 minutes classes.  Students will meet in either the Media Center (Rm 141) or the Tech Room (Rm 142).

Library Circulation 

Students will be given the opportunity to borrow and check out books every other week during library - technology classes.  Adjustments may be made to the check out schedule due to holidays, vacation weeks, and other events and happenings.  Students may visit the library at other times outside of their LT classes with approval from their classroom teachers.  

Students are encouraged to select "Just Right" books to meet their reading level.  
Our library has different sections geared towards the various grade levels.  Picture Books (PIC) and Easy Readers (E or EASY) sections have mostly fiction books geared towards our youngest students.  Fiction areas for our older students include Junior Fiction (JF), Fiction (FIC), and Story Collection (SC). Our nonfiction area includes books that span all grade levels.   New books are displayed throughout the library.

Library - Graphic Novels

Children should take care of the book(s) that they borrow.  Students should be particularly careful to keep materials away from food, drinks, and pets! Students should return books by their due date so that other students may have the opportunity to enjoy the materials.  

Students may have a certain number of books checked out for a load period depending on grade level:

  • PreK, Kindergarteners, 1st Graders - 1 book

  • 2nd Graders to 5th Graders - 2 books

Books generally circulate for 2 weeks and are due back to the library on the date stamped on the Due Date slip found in the book.  

Overdue and Lost Book Policies

Students are not charged late fines for overdue books. Students with overdue books and who have reached the book limit may not check out new books.  

If a student has overdue book(s) and reached their book limit, s/he can have the librarian or library aide hold a book for him/her.  A book will be held for a certain time period.  If an overdue book is not returned and a held book not picked up after a reasonable time period, the held book will be returned back to a library shelf.

Books not returned after a reasonable time period will be considered "lost" and a lost book fine assessed.      

Revised October 12, 2021