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Global Child

Students at Hildreth Elementary School in grades kindergarten through grade 5 have Spanish class every other week.  Classes are taught by Señora Sastre who is a native Spanish speaker from Barcelona and has been teaching with Global Child, Inc.  for over 13 years.  Studies have shown that children learn best at an early age when their minds are most receptive to aural learning and retention.  Learning another language is one of the best ways to become part of the global community.  The Global Child program and classes emphasizes listening and speaking skills with culture integrated into the language.  We follow the VMM approach (visuals, manipulatives and motion). Classes introduce concepts students know from English.  We cover counting, colors, greetings, active verbs, Spanish alphabet.  Children learn vocabulary to complete simple phrases like: it’s time to eat, set the table, brush your teeth, and do your homework.  Songs reinforce vocabulary and encourage learning movement.  Handouts provide an opportunity for review and self-expression.  Students will be more prepared and ready for the world languages when they enter middle school.