Live feed of building construction Stream is available Monday thru Friday 7am thru 3pm 

Please click here to go to the HES Building Project site, including project updates, documents, upcoming events, etc.

Construction has begun on the new elementary school, starting with site work, road preparations, and foundation work. We are excited to see the building begin, and students are enjoying watching the progress. Below are resources to help understand and minimize disruption during the construction:
-Drop off/Pick-Up Information for Parents

We expect the changes to take effect on April 22nd:

Drop-Off/Pick-up: Passenger vehicles via Fairbank St. Enter and Exit on South End (toward 495)

Buses queue at existing loop off Mass Ave. No cars in the loop during arrival or dismissal.

-More detail can be found in the recording of the Community Forum held on March 26th, 2019: Video
-Latest VR model: This is best viewed on a tablet or phone or with Virtual Reality goggles.
As always, all are welcome to attend SBC meetings, which are posted on the town website.
Please contact the school with any questions or concerns as construction commences.
Details of the building project and FAQ’s can be found on the Building Project website.


Principal's Message


Hildreth Elementary School serves residents of the town of Harvard as well as residents of Devens. We are a PreK-5 School located in a beautiful community in central MA.

As the principal of HES, I am excited to work with parents and families to maintain the good work happening here in Harvard and continue to move us forward in being a leader in educational excellence. I am grateful for the wonderful families and staff that make Harvard such a supportive community.

If there is anything that we can do to be helpful, please let us know. We can be reached at the school at 978-456-4145 or by email at and

Josh Myler, HES Principal
Scott Mulcahy, HES Associate Principal

With our new Innovation Lab, students have even more opportunity to explore many ways to solve a problem. Take a look at this example:

Engineering Process

Engineering Process diagram

Students thought of problems that Edward Tulane (from our read aloud, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane) faced due to the fact that he was a doll and could not move by himself.   

Picture of the page from a book

They were put into groups based on the problem they chose to solve.  Groups discussed possible tools which might help Edward move and be relieved from his problem.  

Photo of Students working on engineering project

Photo of Students working on engineering project

Photo of Students working on engineering project

Photo of Students working on engineering project

Photo of Students working on engineering project

Photo of Students working on engineering project

Groups chose what they thought was the best tool to rescue Edward Tulane, and then made a materials list.  

Photo of Students working on engineering project

Our next steps are illustrated in this video....create & improve!

This video has no sound other than background music